Wifi at expo center

Does the Kentucky expo center have Wifi? If so, how strong is it.

No - the expo center wifi is shut down during the event to reduce interference with 100s of VEXnet robots. Additionally, you aren’t allowed to run wifi hotspots and are supposed to disable the wifi feature on phones, tablets, laptops, etc. VEX typically has staff using special equipment to find people who are breaking the wifi rules.


dang, what kind of equipment picks up wifi?

EDIT: are you allowed to use cell service?

A phone.


I do the big stupid :neutral_face:

Yes, you can use cell service. You can also use wired “tethering” if you need internet on other devices.


I’m sure there is fancy equipment that costs thousands of dollars to pinpoint locations easily, but you could also just walk around with a wifi analyzer app on your phone, and ask the nearby group of 10 people to turn off their hotspot.


Last time I was at worlds (2017), they had a free wifi corner by the main entrance to the expo center with chairs and tables and such. I went there once to access the internet, and the wifi was terrible, probably because so many people were trying to use it all at once. I don’t know if they still have that this year though (it would probably be on the World’s venue map). Otherwise, you are out of luck. Hope this helps.