wifi at worlds?

Will we have this ability at worlds? Will there be free public wifi for the teams tl use? I am wondering for my teams online scouting program, otherwise we have to rework our software.

Thank you

Thanks for your message. There will not be wifi available during the 2013 VEX World Championship. All of the Anaheim Convention Center wifi will be turned off in the World Championship areas.

Thank you for the quick response and this now gives us time to plan accordingly. Just one further question will we be aloud to bring our own form of hotspot for our teams personal use oand will cell service be god there for us to just do all of our work on our phones?

By chance will you be at the event so I can introduce myself and thank you again im person?

You are welcome. Here are additional responses.

Yes, I will be at World Championship.

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee mobile service. However, I can say that I do not remember hearing any complaints about cellular signals from last year’s attendees.

I understand you not being able to guarantee mobile service but from last years experience and your knowledge I am ok with that answer. Are teams aloud to bring their own wifi hotspot?