Wiki is not letting me register/STEP files for EDR parts

I am attempting to register myself on the VEX Wiki. I am trying to get the STEP parts because my team does not yet have a kit and we would like to start designing our robot. We have finished our preliminary designs, the goal is to put together the robot on SolidWorks so building can be quicker.
However, the wiki does not let me register. Either it tells me that my account has been registered, which it has not been (I have tried with three different emails and different usernames), or ‘problem connecting with SMTP port’.
Does anyone know how to fix this? I have tried multiple browsers. Is there another place i can get the STEP parts?
Thank you!

This PDF by @kmmohn includes links to part libraries for both Inventor and Solidworks. If you need a part that isn’t in the library, STEP files are available on the part’s page on


If you are interested in V5 files available for the Fusion 360 platform this is a link available:

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