Wild vibrating controller

I have a V5 controller that starts vibrating immediately when it is turned on and keeps on going until you turn it off. At no time was a vibration code ever loaded on the brain it is paired to (nor any brain in my class). I have tried resetting the brain and nothing happened.
The only previous change that may have affected it was that it sat on the charger all night after going dead.
Any ideas?

Have you tried resetting the controller? When you mean turn it on do u mean run the program or turn on controller?


Yep, I have reset it (as mentioned in original post). It starts rumbling when I power it on, even before the screen lights up.

did it always do this or just start?

Just making sure but resetting the controller means to press the button on the back of the controller using a screwdriver (or something long and skinny).

Otherwise, try re-updating the firmware (not sure how) or get it replaced.
Leaving the controller to charge all night after it has died should not make it vibrate like crazy.


Did you find a solution to your V5 Controller vibrating? I have a controller that is doing the exact same thing, vibrates as soon as it is powered up?

Well, kind of. I didn’t get any help so I just opened it and snipped the wires attached to the rumble packs. We don’t really use it and I have several controllers anyway. Works fine now, but that particular controller just can use the vibrate feature.


did you try killing it completely before you snipped the wires?
personally I wouldn’t have snipped the wires because some judges would consider that as modifying the controller. @hammec try killing the controller. if that doesn’t work then I would ship it back to vex

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You can always call it in for the warranty and recieve a brand new one.

Also, try the reset button on the back.

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Thanks for the input and suggestions. I did reset the controller, reset the brain, checked for firmware udates, it still vibrates when powered on. I will check with vex about returning it, it’s only a year old.