Wildstang VEX Competition 2011 - Rolling Meadows, IL

Who’s coming this weekend to Rolling Meadows for the 3rd annual Wildstang VEX Competition? We’re taking a big step this year by increasing in size over 60% - we’re up to 35 teams this year and we’ll be using 2 competition fields (plus a dedicated skills field). We’re looking forward to seeing many familiar faces from the past few years as well as a bunch of new ones.

We’re also hoping to step up the fun this year with a special performance! We’ll find out tomorrow while we’re setting up the event if we can pull it off. Assuming it all works out, I think all the participants and spectators (not to mention the volunteers) will really enjoy it. If you’re anywhere near our event and not already planning to attend, please consider stopping by!

1200B, and 1200A are for sure going. Some other 1200’s are going but I can not confirm.

Our club (Cornerstone Robotics) will be taking a total of three teams to Wildstang.

Team 323A Shockwave
Team 323B Bot-E Builders
Team 323C TechStorm

We are all looking forward to this competition.

I just want to thank the leaders of last years Wildstang competition for a greatly run competition. It was VERY smooth and you knew what you were doing. Can’t wait!

God Bless,

1200A, 1200B, 1200C, 1200D, 1200E, and 1200F (maybe 1200G) plan to attend.

Lord Willing, we will be there!

2177 - the FIVE (Fantastic Innovative VEX Engineers) from Silver Lake Intermediate School in Oconomowoc WI will be there and we are looking forward to the competition. We notice some awful good teams attending so we expect and are looking forward to a high level of competition.

We LOVE special performances and are looking forward to a wonderful event put on by Wildstang! We are hoping you can “pull it off.”

See you all on Saturday!

Special performance? Interesting…You’ll see me there along with the rest of my team 1200E. You guys put on a great competition last year, we really enjoyed it. Good luck tomorrow!
May your axles remain ever straight,
The Members of 1200E New Divide

Special performance sounds interesting. I am very glad about the two fields for competition as it would take a very long time to get all of the matches done in time. Looking forward to tomorrow. Good luck everyone.

Are you sure about that? Only A, B, C, E, F are signed up. No D or G.

the way things went last night your assessment seems correct

Will the practice field be set up right at 8AM?

I know last year, I got there at 8AM, and they didn’t have it set up.

Also, is it going to be a full field? We need to perfect our autonomous, so we would need a full field!

Thanks :smiley:

No, the practice field will not be set up at 8AM. Teams 536 and 1200 are bringing the practice and skills fields from Wisconsin. We’ll get them set up as soon as we can, but don’t expect them to be ready until 8:30 or later. The practice field will be regulation with all the goals, gates, and game pieces.

OK, thank you!

Team 1200F will be there. lookin forward to some strong competition

See everyone tomorrow

Looking forward to the fun tomorrow, we will be there tomorrow. We were at Batavia’s comp last year and we will be there tomorrow for sure.

Team 1200C will be present tomorrow; my team and I are looking forward to the tournament and some awesome competition.

Good luck to all the other teams that are competing!

Thanks 1200A, and 1200F for a great elimination run!

We worked really good together!

Good luck!

Thanks to Wildstang and ALL the volunteers for putting on a great event.

On behalf of all members of 2177 - The FIVE from Oconomowoc Wisconsin - we would like to thank teams 4020 and 111A for making us a part of this great experience.

Do you guys have a picture of your robot. I did not really get a good look at it.
You guys did a great job! Keep up the good work!

good job to you too. you really did good work when it counted late in the tournament.