Wildstang VEX Competition 2012 - Rolling Meadows, IL

Mr. Flowerday created this thread last year, so I wanted to create a similar thread for this year.

What teams are you bringing? How have you done this year? If you want, share your designs. (Our design is already published)

Who will be a top performer at this competition? Who should we watch out for?

What are your high Driver Skills, and Programming Skills scores?

Cornerstone Robotics will be bringing 4 teams.

323A Shockwave (wallbot)
323B Bot-E Builders (high capacity scoring)
323C TechStorm (fast spatula robot)
323Z Aftershock (You know what we have)

I am not sure about the other Cornerstone Robotics teams, but our high Driver Skills score so far is 165. We haven’t attempted Programming Skills right now, but we are working on an 85 point autonomous run. Hopefully we will have that completed in time! We can just run our Autonomous and score 30 points (still not enough).

Can’t wait for another great competition!

Silver Lake Robotics - from Oconomowoc Wisconsin will be attending with 5 teams. Two of the teams have been winners this year.

2177 - last years driver’s champion, programming champion and member of winning alliance. Winner at Waukesha this year
2177C - Programming skills, driver skills and winning alliance at Waukesha this year

Very nice venue for VEX event - we look forward to seeing all of you in a couple of weeks.

I’ve already seen pics, and have been talking to some of the members from 2177C. They look like they will do great!

Also, 2177 did a good job last year at Wildstang! Can’t wait!

My club is coming to Rolling Meadows again this year with 1200, 1200B, 1200C, 1200E, 1200F, 1200G.

So far this year 1200 and 1200B won the tournament they went to on November 3. The rest of the teams have not competed yet.

The only thing I can say about designs is that none of the 1200 teams have wallbots.

1200B should be a top performer at the competition because they score 180-190 in robot skills and can descore pretty well.

1200(my team) is going to try getting 75 in programming skills.

Very cool! Hope to alliance up this year.

We will probably just do our 30 point autonomous. Unless we get a lots of extra time :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck, and see you in a week!

My team and I are really excited to be competing at this competition again. Last year we thought this was one of the best competitions and very well run. We hope to do as well as last year. We are looking forward to the great teams and competitions again this weekend, see you guys there.

2177 the FIVE
2012 World Champions for
Middle School Excellence Award

Just a quick question for Aftershock from 1200B - I’ve seen a couple of videos showing your robot doing very well, including the 165 point robot skills run. Your strafing proficiency and quick intake were very impressive. However, I did notice a few unsteady rocks and near tips. With your current chassis, have you experienced any severe tipping problems? My team is currently considering a slight shortening of the chassis to assist with cleaning off the walls, but we don’t want to start hacking up aluminum before we know the facts.

Looking forward to meeting at Rolling Meadows

I have also seen some videos of your bot :wink: It should be a good competition.

Anyway, about our chassis. We only experience some slight rocking when we hit the trough and keep moving. We have yet to tip our robot though. I really like our short chassis. At our last competition, the only match were we might have tipped was because we caught on the high goal and kept moving. We were exited.

No. We have experienced NO tipping over problems with our drivers (on the other hand, if other people drive, they find a way :p).

See you in less than a week!

That’s music to my ears. Our current robot skills (and basic competition) strategy could be greatly improved by a shortened chassis and an intake wheel or two.

Looks like it’s going to be a great day with even better bots Saturday!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to all the great volunteers who made this event happen. This is always a great event and it runs so smoothly. The “electric” show is always good as well.

Thanks to 111D and 1200 for being great alliance partners and helping us keep the finals exciting.

Congrads to 1200 for winning Excellence award.

We look forward to the great SMC teams coming to our event in 2 weeks.

Tournament Champions: 1200, 2177, 111D (3rd seeded alliance, qualified for Worlds)
Tournament Finalists: 1200B, 323Z, 1200E (1st seeded alliance)

Excellence: 1200 (qualified for Worlds)
Amaze: 1200C
Build: 323a
Create: don’t remember

Driver Skills: 1200B (190 pts)
Programming Skills: 4020 (100 pts)

The SMC robotics club would like to thank Rolling Meadows for hosting the tournament. This was the first time I have gone down to compete and in my opinion, it is one of the best tournaments I have competed in.

Thank you 2177 and 111D for being our awesome alliance partners

Thank you to 323Z for being B and E’s alliance partner

Thank you 4020 for being C’s alliance partner

Thank you 323C for picking F as an alliance partner

Thanks for the compliment, we can’t wait to come to your tournament in 2 weeks

Excellent tournament guys, we really enjoyed it. It was well run and had lots of good teams. We look forward to attending next year as well.


Our club took videos of all the playoff matches.


We were part of the the third alliance