Wildstang VEX Robotics Competition - Dec. 4th Results

I took my two teams to the Wildstang VEX Robotics Competition this past weekend in the Chicago area. They finished qualifications as the #2 seed (Bot-E Builders) and #4 seed (Shockwave). The #1 seed (3018) chose Bot-E Builders to join their alliance and along with 111B (Wildstang) ended up winning the tournament.

In addition to being tournament champions, Bot-E Builders won the Robot Skills Challenge, Programming Skills Challenge, and Think Award. Bot-E Builders is a team of 6 middle schoolers who realized this weekend that they can compete with high schoolers at any competition. I am so proud of how they conducted themselves and what they were able to accomplish.

Wildstang put on a great competition. I’ve been familiar with Wildstang for several years through FRC and expected nothing less. Everything ran smoothly and they were ahead of schedule the entire day. If the Chicago area is within travelling distance for your team I would suggest you consider attending their event in the future.


Thanks Jay, I’m glad you liked the event. We enjoyed running it and watching everyone compete. We hope to continue to grow the event, so everyone should follow Jay’s advice and sign up next year :slight_smile:

To complete Jay’s post, here are the results:
Excellence Award - 3018
Tournament Champions - 3018
Tournament Champions - 323B
Tournament Champions - 111B
Tournament Finalists - 4848
Tournament Finalists - 1200
Tournament Finalists - 111C
Amaze Award - 355B
Build Award - 355A
Create Award - 4848
Think Award - 323B
Robot Skills Winner - 323B
Programming Skills Winner - 323B
Wildstang 2010 Rankings.pdf (9.24 KB)
Wildstang 2010 Qualification Results.pdf (18.6 KB)
Wildstang 2010 Elimination Results.pdf (10.7 KB)
Wildstang 2010 Elimination Bracket.pdf (6.28 KB)

What are the scores for Robot Skills and Programming Skills?
Any pictures or video?

Programming Skills was won with a score of 9! Many teams seemed to be having problems with their autonomous if they had one at all. I was really surprised by the 9 since they scored 20 in the majority of their competition matches. Robot Skills was won with a score of 63.

The only video I have is on 8mm and I currently don’t have a means to get that into a digital format. I’ll have to check with one of my sons about pictures.


I can help you out with the scores. I don’t have any pictures or videos though.
Wildstang 2010 Programming Skills.pdf (6.26 KB)
Wildstang 2010 Robot Skills.pdf (6.52 KB)

I also want to thank Mike for a well run competition. It was worth the drive in. Several good competitive robots and a smoothly run event.

Our school had a similar thing happen this weekend at the Southern Ontario Regional. We had 7 teams participate, 5 of which made eliminations, 1 being a middle school team (1241F). After quarter finals action 4 were eliminated and only 1 remained…they were the middle school team. They fought their way through the semi finals…and ended up in the finals only to finish in second place, but none the less they still make it to the World Championship. They too realized how much fun math, science and technology exactly is. They are now going to Orlando in April for the World Championships along with our other 2 teams (1241, 1241D) who qualified in the previous regional (Toronto Regional).

The competition was great!