Wildstang VEX Robotics Competition (Rolling Meadows, IL)

Syntax Error team 1200 took 1st place along with their alliance partner, team 355A. We were ranked 2nd after the qualifiers. The 1st and 3rd ranked teams paired up, being from the same school. And we, the 2nd, paired up with the 8th. We met the 1st seed alliance in the finals. We lost the first match, but then went on to dominate that last 2, winning us the title. Below are some of the awards that i can remember.

Tournament Champions: 1200 & 355A
Excellence Award: 1200
Robot Skills: 355A (Beat us by 1 point, otherwise we would have swept the competition.)
Programming Skills: 1200

there were 3 or 4 other awards given out but i cant remember who they went to.

cool do you have any pictures or videos that would be ok to post? :smiley:

That was a good day. Im one of the drivers from team 355A. Our team had a lot of trouble during the day including random shutoffs during matches and getting jammed in the ball holes on the walls. The final matches were pretty intense. But it all worked out in the end. :smiley:

Here are some pics from the event. :smiley:




Just pics of our winning alliance.

arg…i thought it would resize for the window…oops:(

oh and the drivers challenge, that was dead close. our team just went for 1 dump with the white ball and all the balls on the wall. i think it was one of those stupid green balls that didnt go through the hole when 1200 ran. Sucks. D:

also, im working on a video of the final matches, ill be working on it tonight and tomorrow night. :smiley:

Looking back at the video, team 1139c got create award and 111a got the judges award.

Attached are the results of the tournament. We had a great time running the event and hope that those of you who attended did as well!
Awards.pdf (3.99 KB)
Elim Ladder.pdf (16.2 KB)
Elim Match Results.pdf (4.67 KB)
Qual Match Results.pdf (9.08 KB)
Rankings.pdf (3.92 KB)

And here are the results of the Skills Challenges.
Robot Skills.pdf (3.33 KB)
Prog Skills.pdf (3.15 KB)

I thought it was a great competition. It was a good regional to start the season off with. I’m another driver from Team #355A. I hope that Wildstang continues to host this regional in the coming years.

Just a side thought, who on my team is NotSoSinister?

Is this you nick?

I love how off topic these threads can get lol.