Will any stores carry vex?

I was wondering if any stores (non-online) would carry vex?EX. walmart ,target ,hobby lobby ,etc.

Sadly RadioShack was the only one that sold Vex.

depends on what Revell Monogram LLC and Innovation First, Inc want to do when they release the new versions.

RadioShack is the only distributer of VEX products, which sucks because all of the radioshacks in my REGION have shipped tham all back because people werent buying and they need to save “shelf space”. but if they had kept them in stock, they would have mad a couple hundred from me because my radio shack usedto have everything!!!

I was looking the Vex Robotics Site, and found at the bottom of the Main Page a Site Map link. And on the Site Map link I found the VEX Robotics Resellers link.

Click a Location, and see what is available…

I suppose Asia is New Zealands closest reseller(neither Australia or New Zealand are not on any of maps). There’s three, just three shops in the entire asian region… One in Kuala Lumpur, one in Singapore and one in Seoul. But there’s one good thing about those retailers, I know someone who works in the electronic industry (or something similar) and moved to Kuala Lumper. But he’s only going to be a help if they wont ship straight to NZ. But even if it does take a few weeks, the cost of shipping should decrease if we buy from KL, or maybe even Sp. And although they will have probably converted the prices into their native currency the products may even be cheaper. There was some talk about Massey Uni selling products, which would remove all shipping fees even though the products would cost more then just the USD to NZD conversion, although for obvious reasons. Thanks MarkO for that though, i’ll start emailing them for some more infomation.

VEX. Unreal. May I suggest you check with Massey University about their intentions and costs.

I would love to see vex at walmart and other large super stores. If it was advertised right in the catalog I can see the kits flying off the shelf at times like Christmas.

If Walmart sold VeX, I would be there a LOT. No shipping, no waiting 5 days for shipping. All I want is 4 36" extension cables, and guess what the shipping is? 10 US dollars! I think I would buy a lot more Vex if it were in stores.

Definitely. (Imagines a store full of shiny vex boxes):smiley:

Heaven. On earth, of course.