Will competitions be required to have the gps tracking strips?

We are a vex u team planning to use the gps sensor, but we arent sure if the feilds will have the tracking strips.

Not yet required on all fields, but see the game manual for details.

Our organization uses only portafields now, so if you’re coming to our U-event in Michigan on the 28th, you’ll be good.

Best advise: contact the EP of the event you’re looking at.


Required to be on the skills field. Check with the Event Partner (you can send them a note via Robotevents if they will have them on the qualification fields.


Your best bet is to contact your Event Partner to see. If you’re coming to my event, Tigertown Throwdown, on Feb 4th, we will have portable perimeters for both competition and skills fields, so GPS will be available.


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From what I see, no. Then again, no one in my area even has GPS sensors :')

But I have seen them on skills fields, so probably best to plan on no strips.

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