Will Nothing But Net Have a Permanent web page?

I was making some helpful links for our roboteers by linking over to some Nothing But Net web pages at Vex but I noticed they are only general pages and not specific to Nothing But Net.

This could cause problems from a historical perspective and links back to Vex will disappear or not link to what you want them to.

Current game page (only one I could find):

Previously in other games, each game would have its own page like:

Can an alias or a permanent new page be made for Nothing but Net that will remain longer than the current season?


I like that they have a consistent URL for the latest competition that doesn’t change from year to year. It’s been really convenient when you ‘Copy’ last year’s event and you don’t have to change the links in the details of that event.

They archive the old games here:

Big Red nailed it - this is one of the primary reasons for maintaining a “generic” page.

As for past games, in our continued efforts to move away from the Wiki and onto the more permanent vexrobotics.com website, we have created a new “Competition History” archive page where you can view the information from past games:


Once this season is completed, Nothing But Net will be added to the history page with its appropriate permanent URL (/nothing-but-net).

As a side note, we have started setting up “short” URLs that also redirect to the appropriate game page:


You won’t find these short links for all historical games, but they will exist for these (and future) games.

As with many things at VEX, our website is an iterative process and we are always open to user feedback - thank you for voicing this concern!](http://www.vexrobotics.com/skyrise)

Hi Team80_Giraffes,

The Competition Resources page that you linked is reserved only for the current years game, and it is updated each year upon the release of the new game. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

However, you may be interested in our Competition History page. This serves as our archive of past games, and has information similar to what is found on the Competition Resources page.

After the new game is released in 2016, we will update the Competition History page to include Nothing But Net, and that will become its permanent place for game information. As the URL’s for these history pages differ only by the name of the game, you can anticipate what the link will be when Nothing But Net is added to this page, and share it accordingly.

Thank you for your feedback, as we are always willing to hear concerns about our website from users. Hopefully this post has been beneficial.



I really wanted to set the link once and not have to go back some time later to update it for the next game. You will have people trying to get to older game material and be lost once you switch out the page. Not many folks want the older ones.

Having a link that would always go to the game Nothing But Net would be very nice. I don’t really want to have to take the previous year’s page and redo it for history at that point. You would get undesired results that way.

A redirect of the URL or an absorption of the page for the current game might satisfy you having the generic competition page while you really have the permanent page already made and not copied. So you can have a consistent URL as well as game specific pages driven from the same exact content. It can be done with a few different tricks and depends upon your server type or content management solutions.

Grant Cox posted this link:

Right now it redirects to the current game page, and once the game is over it will probably redirect to a different page with NBN info, like the link he posted to the Skyrise game.