Will the rules change in the middle of CREATE US Open?

[G20] This manual will have three scheduled updates. All rules in this manual are subject to changes, and not considered official until August 17th, 2018. We do not expect any major changes to take place, however we do reserve the right to make game changes until August 17th, 2018. There will also be scheduled manual updates on June 15th, 2018 and April 5th, 2019.
a. The GDC reserves the right to make changes to this manual in the April 5th, 2019 release specifically for the VEX Robotics World Championship. Specific changes to be considered will be the point values of the Autonomous Bonus, Alliance Parking, and Center Parking.

The Create US Open goes from April 4th-6th, so it seems like the game manual update will happen in the middle of the tournament, which would be problematic.

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They aren’t going to change rules on you in the middle of the tournament. Don’t worry. Have fun.


I’m not too worried, I just wanted to point out a potential issue I noticed. I know the event will probably just use the current rules.

The April 5, 2019 game manual update is “specifically for the Vex Robotics World Championship”, per the game manual.


This happened last year. The changes (if there are any) will only apply to worlds.

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The CREATE US Open is also not an RECF sanctioned event. Therefore they are not required to follow the Game Manual at all, if they choose not to. However, they would make a lot of teams upset, if they changed the rules in the middle of the event. I just don’t seeing them do that. And they do change the rules, that is what the Open Division is all about. From the RECF standpoint, the April 5 release of any updated rules would most likely only effect Worlds as it is past the date of any World Championship qualifying events (even if that wasn’t specifically spelled out that the 4/5/2019 rules update was for Worlds).

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Honestly, I would be surprised if any rules in the manual changed in any significant way. (to affect the competition severely)

That’s what I thought last year…

Last year there was a manual update during the US Open and CREATE ran the tournament as if the update did not happen, and they will do the same as I have confirmed this with the head of CREATE. The reason for the April 5th update is to change anything for Worlds


What if it is something bigger than BO3?


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