Will there be some playbackfor elimination matches for worlds on livestream

I’m in design division for VEXU, but I can only find playback for qualifaction matches on vrctv4. Does anyone know how to get video for elimination matches? Thank you.

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That division didn’t post for some reason. I’ve posted it and am checking the other channels to make sure everything else is out there.

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Does anyone happen to know when they will post the matches to YouTube? Or if the channel that typically does it is going to do it again this year? I know I can access it through the livestream footage, but I was just curious.

I assume cut to the bot will be at it again this year. I have no idea who runs that channel but it’s an incredible service.

Unfortunately, individually cutting more than a thousand videos takes some time, so I wouldn’t expect matches from worlds this year to appear for a couple of months. Looks like the divisional matches from worlds last year went up on June 5th, and for some reason the Freedom Hall matches weren’t uploaded until 6/29.

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Yeah, I remember last year it took a few weeks, even months to get them all uploaded. Thanks though!