Will this work? Or will I need more

Is this all I need for a basic drive train? Or do I actually need to code the joysticks? I’ve heard that it is fine and that it isn’t.
Asking for another team in my org because they don’t have a forum account.

If you set up a drivetrain and then configure the controller graphically like that, you can download the project and drive the robot around with no further code.

You may eventually want your sticks mapped to your drivetrain in a way that isn’t supported by the graphical menu and/or the default drivetrain object, and at that point you’ll need to write your own joystick-mapping code.


How would you go about mapping them?

Depends on how you want to drive, joystick or tank steering.
I was forced to code my drive because 6-motor-drives are not automatically setup-able in vexcode, so refer to the image below.
(I just made this code from scratch)

Of course, your code may not be the same but those are the basics.