Will this years worlds get cancelled too?

I was just wondering, since civics comes by back, whether or not I guys think this years worlds will get cancelled too.[poll type=multiple results=always min=1 max=2 chartType=bar]

  • In person baby!!
  • Stuck at home
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  • In Person
  • Stay at home

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actual poll to vote on

I highly doubt that they push it to an only virtual event again, things would have to get really bad for them to have to even consider it, and I just can’t see it happening, especially since they will have both a in-person and virtual event, if people want to go, let them go.

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Way too early to have this discussion.


Too early to make this kind of decision. Unless there’s a new COVID-19 variant (other than Delta) then I would think it be safe to host Worlds. Except Texans hesitate on vaccinations would might ruin this years event. But we’ll see how this year will be. :slight_smile:


A lot of teams last year qualified themselves for this year so my question is would it carry over to next year

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@DRow Thoughts
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Idk what difference my thoughts will make on a subject that’s way too early to be discussed.


This would suck for a lot of teams that are graduating.

Especially for teams that will have qualified 3 times in a row and never got the chance to attend a single one😔


Note context here - this is being asked by VEX IQ teams… so lots more years.

Why would VEX IQ teams be worried - well without a vaccination a lot of uncertainty.

This is true for everyone. I do know EPs in my region are planning a season. We are fully aware that things may change in the next few month, and accordingly lots of contingency plans are being made.

That said, seriously, way too early to discuss cancellation.

For those HS teams who are worried about Worlds today about ruining your aspirations, do note there are a lot of cataclysmic events occurring in the states - my thoughts right now are for those in LA who once again have been battered by a huge hurricane and are without power and communication, so we can not really evaluate the extent of damage there.


Idk either but you are a trustworthy source that knows a lot

There are still a few hours left to tweak the Game Manual 2.0 pdf :wink: :wink:


@DRow - this thread is devolving beyond topic parent

plz close.

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