Will US Open have a Vex Store?

Will the US Open in Omaha have a Vex Store like worlds does?

This has saved many a teams keester at worlds and would help in reducing the number and weight of parts needed to ship there and back again. If not offered by vex proper any chance of the resellers (that carry stock themselves) able to come to sell parts?

We are sending two Vexmen teams to Nebraska/Iowa in the middle school division for the first time - teams 80W Warpath and 80M Mercury.

(Pictures of them to come in a little bit in a different thread)

There is not a vex store at Nationals. Again, however, there are a lot of local teams that will loan/sell parts as needed if they have them. Bring what you can and if you need something, stop by 3018 pits and they will help get you something or hook you up with someone who can. No guarantees someone will have what you need, but there will be a lot who will try to help.