Will VexCODE C++ ever get a minimization option?

In the VexCODE C++(and python maybe, I haven’t used it) I have noticed that when coding, there is no option to minimize if statements and functions while coding. What I mean by this is that there is no button next to the numbers that allows you to close functions and if statements to make the code easier to navigate. I’m honestly kind of surprised it doesn’t exist in the software. Usually, this wouldn’t be a problem, as some programs are short and easy to navigate. However, once you have to define a ton of different functions to make a more complex program for sensors and the controller(maybe the brain as well), you’ll realize that it is incredibly annoying to navigate, let alone look at. I know that it is already partially in the software, as the region vex adds at the very top of the code(I don’t know what it does I haven’t looked at it too much) has the feature. It may also already exist for functions and if/else statements, I may just be doing it wrong. Any thoughts?


I’m not sure what sort of IDE you are using but in vexcode pro v5, vexcode online, and the vs code extension there is an option to minimize functions.


Weird. It doesn’t show that option for me. Perhaps I have a different version?

I searched around a little more and I found that you are showing VexCODE pro V5 and VexCODE V5. I use VexCODE V5, however, I can see that you took that screenshot on a blocks project and opened the code window. While it shows a very similar result to the actual text projects, it is the only place in that software that you can minimize if/else statements and functions, as actual text projects do not let you do this. I’m going to keep searching until I can find how to do it.

I did more searching and I found that the feature was removed from VexCODE V5 text projects, so I won’t be able to minimize my code. I also am unable to download the pro version, as I am using a chromebook. Thank you for trying to help though!