Will we see "Make It Real" Submissions become reality?

While I understand some “Make It Real” submissions during certain years are totally unreasonable for the VEX EDR system, others seem perfectly applicable and reasonable to create a new product with. An example that is a very cool idea at first, but does not entirely fit within the EDR system and is a niche idea is the V5 Solenoid Disk Brake. An example that I think can become an excellent product is the Advanced Pulley Motion Kit by Resolution Robotics. No new ideas are being adopted here, except creating a pulley system that can come in different profiles and direct drive axles.

I wanted to make this topic because Tipping Point was initially a game design challenge and the GDC seemingly got inspired/took a few ideas from that challenge submission. Paralleling this, the big question I have for VEX Product designers is do you ever take inspiration or look at “Make It Real” submissions? I ask because there are certainly amazing ideas that will fit and further improve the EDR system.

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