Will we still need quads?

Will there be any point to using quad encoders at all anymore? Are the IMEs on V5 actually accurate and worth using?

I would use them just as a backup, but in the end, it’s your call.

We really won’t know until we know, will we? I would trust the built-in encoders to be accurate, though.

I think quads will still be relevant. The problem with the old IMEs wasn’t that they were innacurate themselves, it was that they were inaccurate by the time they got to the output shaft. Consider a drive. Between the motor output, gearing, chain, and wheel hubs, the most accurate reading you can get with an IME is already ±15 degrees. This is why tracking wheels are so popular.
It’s a shame there there was no V5 encoder module released, was really hoping to get rid of those things.

This is definitely true. I think the only case that an IME would not have lag like this is in a direct drive, so it is probably better to use the old encoders for anything else, especially something like a 2 motor chain drive

If the V5 motor encoders work like the IQ ones, it’ll be ok. I’ve had no issues with the IQ integrated encoders.

V5 encoders do 1500 ticks per turn on 100rpm cartridge, that’s still more than 2 ticks per degree on 200rpm and i certainly wouldn’t use 600rpm on a VRC drivetrain.
That said, there is some (very limited) slop in the gear train, but I’d expect the biggest inaccuracy will come from the wheel shaft.
Anyway, VRC games typically allowed for much lower precision than IQ games, IMO.

We’re still going to need quads to build unpowered encoder wheels. You get a lot of wheel slip on driven wheels and the V5 motor’s integrated encoders will pick this up. Unpowered encoder wheels are still relevant just to combat wheel slip.