Will Worlds 2022 Be Canceled?

I agree with others that it’s far too soon to say what will happen with any level of certainty, but I think there are a few major differences this season compared to the last two times worlds was cancelled.

While yes, there are more cases and the omicron variant is pushing them to a staggering height, this particular surge is finite, and will peak at some point, a point which seems likely to be relatively soon, judging by the way this wave has peaked in other countries such as South Africa. But just because it starts to go back down doesn’t mean it won’t go back up again, it almost certainly will. In fact I feel like we are destined to live through this cycle of waves for the indefinite future. Perhaps worlds will fall during a low point in this cycle, in which case it might be very reasonable for it to happen in person.

Deaths are also so far not increasing, and hospitalizations are increasing at a smaller rate when compared to how cases are increasing, supporting the evidence that omicron is a less dangerous variant of the virus compared to previous versions. This may change the way everyone involved with hosting an in person worlds will weight the risks.

But I think the major thing we have now that we didn’t have in change up or tower takeover are vaccines. This is a huge level of protection we can take against the virus, and while I you would be correct to assume recf will not mandate vaccines (not that texas would let them, can’t infringe on people’s rights to endanger others, now could we?) I do think a large majority of people attending would be vaccinated, further reducing the risk of an in person event.

These differences are why I think this season has been progressing in most cases as usual, with the large majority of events being in person, and many large scale events involving traveling teams.

That said, I can see it realistically going both ways depending on where in the rise/fall cycle of cases we are in, and if there are other unexpected factors such as future variants or whatnot. It would be absolutely devastating to have worlds canceled 3/4 times in my vrc career, but it would be more devastating if conditions are not safe, and worlds happened anyways and a bunch of people got hurt. Lets just hope we can have safe enough conditions for that not to happen.


Will a LRT world exist for teams that can’t go to worlds in America? (ie foreign teams)

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I seriously, seriously hope that they don’t. Even if it’s just NA teams. Even if it’s less of worlds, and more of nationals. I just want to experience a high-level, very large tournament.


If memory serves me well, the plan is for LRT division - do double check on the event page.


Couldn’t find any info about LRT divisions (for VRC or VEXU) so might’ve just missed it but is there any info about whether or not there’ll be an LRT VEXU division?


I can’t exactly remember when or where - but I did remember Dan has mentioned about the value of keeping LRT, so that in the event that teams that can’t travel for the in-person worlds can still take part in the LRT worlds.

So I do think this will be the contingency plan that some of you are looking for - LRT for those that can’t travel.
But worlds will definitely still happen… one way or another.


I would like to see a world held.


Even if world’s isn’t cancelled. I feel like for some of our school districts they might not allow us to even travel due to the fear of safety for the kids. Due to the cases in the United States being pretty high right now they might just decide not to allow us to travel out of state.

But hopefully by then cases are down by a significant margin. I would hate to have this season be live remote as well, but I do enjoy it at least for the little bit of it.


The REC Foundation is still planning an in person 2022 VEX Robotics World Championship event. We will also have LRT divisions for teams that qualify for Worlds but are not able to travel.

We are all very aware of the surge in COVID-19 cases due to the Omicron variant. As we have done since March 2020, we will continue to follow national, regional, state, and local regulations.

I understand the pandemic impact is dynamic and the situation seems to change weekly (hourly?). But we understand how important an in person Championship is to our community and I am very hopeful that the situation will stabilize well before May and that we will have a “normal” VEX Worlds.


CEO - REC Foundation


I have to really agree with this here - these past two weeks have been a roller coaster for event planning. Had to postpone, and likely repostpone the event with actual surge numbers. We also had to change event formats so we can make it as safe as possible for all. Like Dan says, we plan for the best experience we can offer as safely as possible. We are in a much better place that last two seasons, but that does not mean we are same place as pre-pandemic. As an EP, I am appreciative of the patience and grace offered by teams, coaches, volunteers, district staff, community, …

Behind the scenes, the RECF has been working tirelessly with EPs and Teams to make this season as rewarding experience as possible. Thanks to all the RECF EEM, TEM, and programs staff!


This would kill me, I started as a sophomore and we were lucky enough to be invited through double qualifications, but 3 hours after getting the invite the whole thing got shut down. Then my team made it to worlds again but it was an LRT and it felt like a very dry and felt like it was lacking, However we have a real shot this year and since it’s my last it would kill me if I missed a trip to Texas for the real deal and never get a real shot again. The only good thing to come out of the LRT was my friends and I went to play go karts and mini golf and wrestled in a field just to kill time to see the new game reveal.


Not sure how’s the situations in other countries, but I have checked and requested, and Singapore’s Ministry of Education has given a straight NO for overseas travelling for schools :frowning:

As much as I am very disappointed that my teams can’t travel for the in-person worlds, I can totally understand the rationales behind it - just too many unknowns and unpredictability to send students overseas.

Currently we have 3 HS and 2 MS teams that qualified for in-person worlds, anyone knows how to go about registering for worlds LRT division?
(PS… my RSM says not much info given regarding this… so that’s the reason why I am asking over here)

I know there is some info regarding worlds LRT over here - https://www.roboticseducation.org/lrt-vex-worlds-2022/

But is there somewhere (or someone) that we can find out more abt the registration, the agenda, etc for the worlds LRT division?

Sigh… looks like I can only catch up with you in 2023 :frowning:

And to many of the mentors over here - we will need to postpone our worlds dinner to a much later date…


/sigh, I was looking forward to meeting you this year. I’ll cancel this year and set up for 2023. Hope to see you then!!!


First, I’m very disappointed that I will not see you and the great Singapore teams at the " in person" 2022 VEX Robotics World Championship. But I completely understand your MoE’s decision. We have heard the same feedback from many other countries.

We did anticipate this which is why we announced that we will have LRT VEX Worlds Divisions. We will be announcing more details on “LRT Worlds” in early March.




I don’t think they will. I just hope they don’t have a vaccine mandate, since I’m not able to get it and I really want to go.


I think that for worlds I know I am about to be hated in but I think that if you are of age you should have to be vaccinated to compete at worlds. This could make it less likely to be canceled.


I agree, especially with the availability of the booster now it’s such an easy means to reduce risk if you’re eligible. Worlds would be much safer for all if this were the case, but I doubt that vaccines will be mandatory at this point.

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You are currently required to be fully vaccinated to travel to the US unless you are a US citizen.



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Me too but also like it is something that is truly smart. I feel like it would be safer and smoother if it was required. Boosted I don’t care but if they required vaccines, it could be harder to cancel.