Will you be participating in VAIC?

I am bit curious if teams will be competing in the new VEX AI game as it is revolutionary by allowing high school students to build with better material.

Will you be competing?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Undetermined

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Depending on your answer, is it possible if you could explain why?


I will be competing in VIQC.

I’m sorry.

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:stuck_out_tongue: Alrighty sir


I am very sure that I will compete in VAIC. First of all, we get to use practically unlimited parts and materials. that includes the entire vex pro line (except motors), and anything else that you can machine or print. I believe there are even less limitations in VAIC than VEXU. We can also use any other sensors or electronics if you can find a way to connect it to the v5. Second, two robots! I think using two robots per team is a lot more interesting than being randomly assigned a partner. The strategy in the games increases a ton because of how much control you have over your alliance. Plus, building with the constraints of 24" and 15" is pretty interesting. last but not least, the entire point of VAIC… fully autonomous matches. This is so cool. The amount of programming concepts I’ll have to master for VAIC is so much more than VRC. Anyways, I’m super excited about the possibility of VAIC, and I think more high school teams should be too.


I want to do VAIC in college, but not in high school and it really depends on where I go.

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I am a mentor, but I have a team of kids who really want to do VAIC . If they actually get to do it or not probably is largely dependent on the Covid-19 situation, when we can get back into our lab and if there are competitions.

That said, I am an event partner, and I would be very happy to host a VAIC competition assuming my school allows events to he held.


I am a coach with students who are interested, it will probably depend on whether or not there are enough teams in our region to compete with.


Several teams in our club want to participate in VAIC, but the situation with pandemic and date of actual VAIC specific sensors makes everything very uncertain at this point.

The best strategy that the teams had come up with is to start experimenting with 18" robots over the summer using currently available VRC legal inertial and vision sensors.

Then those robots could compete in regular HS VRC and teams could benefit from any advanced programming methods they learn.

Then when VAIC specific sensors become available, they could add them to 18" robots and re-build one of them into 15" robot for VAIC competition.


The unofficial VEX discord recently added a VAIC only channel for people talking about VAIC. Mostly discussions about AI and computer vision so far. I suggest students and mentors interested in VAIC come join.


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