Win 10 boot time for vexcode IQ

Whenever we try to open vexcode IQ on our Win 10 machines it takes between 2-3 minutes just for the program to open. However, if it is opened on a Mac it takes only 15 seconds or so. Has anyone else ever seen this, and is there a way to get the program to open more quickly on windows. Our machines are fully patched 21H2 machines with 16GB Ram with intel i5-7500 CPU’s.


I’ve asked about this before; it has to do with having to have Java unpack/initialize the code. I’ve asked about having even a splash screen to indicate it’s loading, but it didn’t sound likely to happen.

Difference in speed may be due to the way Mac handles Java vs Windows?

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If you’ve got Windows Defender or some other AV running, real-time detection can definitely slow the startup speed down. The actual executable itself is almost 500MB, so scanning it takes a few. On my device it starts up in half the time if exclusions are added to Defender for both “File” and “Process” (full paths on both, ex: “C:\Program Files (x86)\VEX Robotics\VEXcode IQ\VEXcode IQ.exe”)

Same issue here.

You can try

Great Thank you for the heads up on that. That’s very possible on Mac too.

Oh great, thank you. I’ll look in there to see if it helps speed up the boot.

That’s perfect I’ll pass that along to my users to see if that works well for them to use. Can’t see why not at first glance. Thanks!