Winch and Pulley Kit Broken Link (CAD Files)

Indirect follow-up to the post about the Turntable V2 CAD

On the page for the Winch and Pulley Kit, the link to the CAD files appears to be broken, as clicking it does nothing (no redirection or 404 error, it just stays on the same page); I’ve tried it on both my laptop and phone, no dice. If the link could be updated, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


I’ll let @DRow do his website magic, but in the meantime, I was able to download the .STEP by right clicking on the link on the website, opening in a new window of Google Chrome, and then refreshing the page.


Ah, the download URL is still using “http://” instead of “https://”.

For those of you that care / don't know what that means.

More info here

I’ve updated it on my end, so it should soon be working as intended.

Thanks for the heads up.