Windows 8 and VEX Robotics

I’m thinking about getting a Windows 8 enabled computer and was wondering how goes compatibility with any of the VEX-related programs (ROBOTC or easyC, I suppose is what I mean). Any experiences?

Also, any word for ROBOTC or easyC having metro (it’s not modern ui, sorry) apps?

my friend tried to install robotc on his windows 8 machine, and it didn’t like it …

I tried the Windows 8 Developers Preview back 9-10 months ago for Work Related Windows programs…

The tradition Windows UI, is Windows 7 Compatible, so if it Runs on Win 7, it should run on Win 8.

I did not load EasyC or RobotC, but I would expect little, if any problems with the UI.

You mean The UI formally known as Metro?? I guess the New Name is “Windows Store App”.

For Drag-and-Drop, I guess that could be an improvement, but for entering Code, I can see no Advantage, and maybe even a Detriment to productivity…

Remember that Smart Phones and Tables are Consumer Devices, meaning that People use them to Consume Content. Traditional Computer can be Consumer Devices, but they are also used to Produce Content.

All the Development Tools I have seen for iOS ( Apple ) and Android ( Google ) are Hosted on Traditional Computers ( Producing Content ), and then Target the Smart Phone or Tablet ( Consuming Content ). .

Being that Programming a Robot is a Producing Content action, “The UI formally known as Metro” may not be the Best Use of Resources ( or your time ). Neither would iOS or Android as well.

The BIG ISSUE with Windows 8 is the Device Drivers, needing to be Signed if they are Systems Level, like for Hardware Device Communication. The “Work Arounds” to get Unsigned Drivers loaded is an Issue…

I am Seriously Wondering how many people have had their Systems Compromised with Malicious Device Drivers…

I know one or two people have successfully used ROBOTC under Windows 8 but I have no intention of upgrading anytime soon. I know there were problems with the prolific serial driver that meant an older driver needed to be used.

I doubt that will ever happen. There has not been an EasyC update since last July, there are more important things for the ROBOTC developers to be working on. Both programs need to run on older hardware so there is not much incentive to do that.

I teach easyC V4 and easyC V2 on my Windows 8 machine and they work just fine. I cannot speak for robotC.

RobotC works fine and dandy on my Windows 8 laptop, as long as you roll back the Prolific drivers.