Windows 8 Prolific Driver not working

I cannot get the latest(or any version) of the prolific driver to start in Windows 8 on a HP Envy laptop. The device manager has a yellow mark on it and the message says “Not enough virtual memory or paging file quota is available to complete the specified operation.”. This is non sense as I have a brand new high end pc with 16 gig ram and a terabyte disk drive.

The prolific web site says this means you are connecting to a counterfeit chipset. I doubt this but I cannot find any detailed info in the forums on how to get this install correctly.

Is Windows 8 supported? Do I need a new cable? My laptop has usb 3.0 ports.


The answer is use the Prolific serial driver.

Apparently the newer drivers has counterfeit detection code and thinks the vex products are either counterfeit, not supported chipset, or the driver has bad detection software.

Here are the details of how to select this driver:

I would hope someone at Vex would be looking into this issue as many people will be getting win 8 laptops at some point and will have this issue.


The document linked below is our official instructions for using the old style programming cable on Windows 8. It is also included in the driver download zip file, linked on the product page and the software downloads wiki page.