Windows, Mac, Linux, or iPad?

Which operating system do you usually use to program?
I personally use Mac.

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • iPad
  • All of the Above
  • Other

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you need a “all of the above” option…

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I use windows and Linux during class.

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From previous experience, do not use iPads, they suck. I’ve had entire programs seize function. It was no coding issue, i just couldn’t open the program all together.


I use dual boot on my laptop (Windows and Linux). When I am on Windows, I use a Ubuntu WSL for school. My laptop also automatically backs up to my linux server at my apartment whenever connected to the same wifi network.

It is possible to use Mac in Engineering but I would have to say that Windows is more standard and preferred.

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Where’s Chromebook?

  • Chromebook
  • Something else (in original poll)

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You do know the squares mean you can pick more than one, right? (@77240G-SC, @Connor)

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I think it’s set to only allow one choice.


It wouldn’t let me submit more than one, I selected 2 and it only let me do one.

Personally Mac is really nice to use for engineering, because it has a lot of programming features built in. Most of standards are in Mac (like using / instead of \ for the filesystem), and some packages aren’t supported on Windows for misc. reasons.

Oh shoot let me fix that.