Winning Chaminade Showdown with 1138 Eagles Engineering!

Shout out to the girls of Eagle Engineering 1138.
We were 7th seed, and we beat 3rd and 2nd and then 1st seeds in quarter, semi and final matches!
Good job Friarbots 3309B love your bot!

Conclusions and thoughts:
-Whoever gets more orange ball wins.
We won the final match because our autonomous mode shot 1 orange ball in and held 2 orange balls at the end of 15 seconds!

Send me a link from robot events. I would like to see the results.

Please and thank you.

we had extremely bad luck during prelim rounds, pairing up with worst bot twice.

Its not about luck, it depends on your hard work and perseverance. BTW you should not say other teams suck. Every team puts all their effort into it, so we should appreciate them. -_-

lol of course it is about hard work and perseverance, and of course we put in a lot of work, but what can I do when I get paired up with robots that don’t score twice in prelim rounds? I can’t determine that so of course it has elements of luck. The competition has the element of luck, and that’s what makes vex unpredictable and fun!

Did you guys not score much either then? One of your matches you only scored 40 pts With the “worst team”. Meaning if they scored nothing you only scored 8 balls

Dont forget about the team with the giant CAM’s (forgot the team #). Their bot was great and simple but so OP.

I am quite confused. Your team is listed as 1437Z, and they are listed on the Team List. However, they are not listed in any results. Why is this?

This is because Viewpoint (team 1437) wanted to sub out their B and Z team for teams Y and G who were not qualified at the time. The only way to switch the team numbers on robot events is to add the correct team and when you are at the competition the teams that will not be competing count as a team who were not checked in.

Thank you for this clarification. Now, how does Kevin have relevance to this win if he is part of the Z team?

Based on his signature and seeing him at the competition, he was competing as team 1437G

I’m so sad I couldn’t make the competition, even though my team had signed up, congrats to everyone that competed!