Winning Excellence without a notebook

In attending our final regular season tournament of the season we noticed several inconsistencies from what we’ve experienced this season - or any other season. Excellence Award was given to a team that didn’t submit a notebook - they were first in skills and made it to the final rounds, but they do not not use or complete notebooks, I know it’s a part of the rubric, so how does this happen? There were numerous scoring errors. The ref was also the scorer and they had no assistants or line refs to discuss topics that came up. There were no DQs in any round for the entire tournament - which is simply unbelievable given violations in the protected zone among other things. I’m just curious to the vetting or oversight in first time hosts of a tournament that is counted as a state-qualifier. Should first -time host have a ERC rep there for guidance? The outcome of this tournament may have cost some teams their bid to state (not my teams - so I’m asking this for others)

I would send your concerns to your RECF RSM. Not much you can do after an event with irregularities.

Excellence must have notebook.

Head Referee can work solo.

No DQ might be better than too many.


Clearly states in the description and in rules must provide notebook. So i would report it definitely. I mean unless no one provided notebook

In that particular situation, no Design or Excellence would be awarded.


Yeah true true. But i mean u would think at least 1 team provide notebook

There were at least half the teams that submitted notebooks