Winter storms and your build cycle

Today (2/3/22) in Greenville (home of VEX)

Which is pretty ugly for Texas. Last week we had an event cancel and one of my teams lost two build days because of snow.

I know that states/regional final events are happening across the next 40 days, so everyone is eyeing storms. How has the winter weather changed your last two months of build / competition season?

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Florida be like:


But in all honesty the winter weather really hasn’t hit us in FL as bad as it has up North. But I have heard of some teams having to cancel some out of state travel/events (mainly the Wisconsin signature event) due to the bad weather (mainly Elyria Robotics).

Also my region’s Regional Championship will finally be inside this season (no scorching 80-90 degree temps : ) ), so even if it rains or is scorching hot inside, it will still go on. I’m looking forward to another productive season of Regional Championships, and I hope that no one has to cancel theirs/postpone it/move it to LRT due to inclement weather.


In Kansas, we have had up to 12 inches of snow (way more than we’ve ever gotten in the time I’ve lived here). School was canceled yesterday and today, and it will probably be canceled tomorrow. Thankfully I took the bot, parts, tiles, and some game objects home to put the finishing touches on the bot for our tournament this Saturday.


Not me getting 1.6 inches of rain because of it being 61 degrees outside in SC


laughs in 2 feet of snow cancelling our last comp before regionals


Loving it here in SoCal.

Wearing shorts and a t-shirt everyday is almost a god given right.


Oh yes. SoCal rocks.

But at the same time, we are one of the more competitive regions, so we pay dearly for our good weather.


Laughs in south dakota

Actually, it’s been a pretty mild winter compared to what we’re used to up here. Although, one of our competitions was right after a very large snowstorm, but they still ran it even though only 7 teams could attend. What a South Dakotan thing to do lol.


Coming to you live from the frozen tundra of Greenville…

I’ll take 100 degrees over this any day of the week.


Crazy texans… 100 degrees doesn’t get school canceled!


I’ll take this over 100 degrees any day of the week. I don’t live too far from Greenville but I come from Colorado. Was forced to move for family reasons. I love this, but I can’t bear 100 degrees. I hate it. DRow and his fellow crazy Texans.


Exactly, because when it’s 100 degrees, most likely, you’re on summer break anyway.



Wasn’t there a snow event late 70s or early 80s that shutdown Texas schools and pretty much everything due snow and lack of snow plows?

wimps :slight_smile:


what is snow? i have never heard of such a thing.


Arizona is scary. I never want to live in Arizona. If I want to go to Arizona then I will make sure it is in the winter.

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Well this season is “interesting”, if not “challenging” :frowning:

First event at my school we were to host 1/15 was postponed due to Covid concerns due to Omicron surge (good idea!!!), the postponed again to 1/22 as all extracurricular activities were paused due to surge (but that was repealed after a week)… so happy to be able to have event modified to skills only for 1/29, but only to have that pushed back to 2/12 due to blizzard from Nor’easter. Hope the event happens! last chance for MS qualification in our region.

The next event on our schedule is 2/5 (this Saturday) - we get approval to have in-person, tournament event with lots of Covid mitigation (masks, distancing, hand washing/disinfectant, frequently touched objects wipedowns… ) Set is supposed to happen tomorrow - but weather! so no school tomorrow in district and half of gear is at the high school…

We will make it work (if anyone can remember the P.D.Q. Bach piece where performers came to the orchestra pit one by one - let me know) - here is a piece from PDQ Bach to listen to


Rip. It just got canceled due to weather concerns.


We are losing the two days of work before competition this saturday but I don’t mind because it coincides with two snow days in a row

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When you are so used to the arizona summer that its freezing below 60 degrees

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and 120 degrees through summer that you have to have misters in all outdoor spaces… Yikes not fun!!!