Wire color help?

Hey guys. I bought a little PWm device that I know how to program but I’m a little confused on the wiring, and I dont want to insert it wrong, because apparently the fuse breaks easily (and I hate going and buying new fuses).

The colors look like Brown, Orange, and Yellow in that order.
Are these the same as Black, Red, and White?

Your devices data sheet should give you that information. If you have no data sheet, post a picture of the device, and hopefully we will be able to help you.


I tried Google (BTW, why didn’t you?)
The only reference I found to “Brown, Orange, and Yellow” was:

As a caution, however, I point out that there’s no industry standard to color coding. See, for example:


man I feel like a noob. I did google it, but nothing came up :D. Jusst tried it out, works like a charm!


FYI: My searches were on “servo color code” and “servo wire color”