Wire Connection Clips/protectors

-No need to tape wires together anymore.

-Kinda like a motor port on the male end of the wire to stop the motor pins from breaking off so much.

Just a tip- try zip-tying your wires together rather than taping.

How would these protectors work? I don’t get what you are saying

First, how would one go about zip-tying the wires together?

To answer your question, there would be a cover over the wires like on an Integrated Motor Encoder.

I don’t have a camera with me, but you basically slide a small zip tie between the wires on each connector (there’s always a little gap to slide the tie through) and you connect it like that.

Are you talking about something that you would see on the male end of the VGA cable, where there is a metal or plastic guard to prevent the pins from bending?

Photo: https://vexforum.com/showpost.php?p=332253&postcount=4

Thanks for the suggestions. We’re definitely considering adding a Wire Connection Clip to the VEX line, and it is on the future roadmap.

There are currently no plans to release a Pin Protector as part of the VEX EDR product line, but I will add it to the list and make sure it gets discussed at our next “potential product” review meeting.


Thanks for telling me. :smiley:

Yeah, that’s what I meant by that.

:DThanks for telling me!

Now I need to go and zip-tie all of my wires together.

We used to do that, but I didn’t like how it bends the wires and may risk damaging it over time. Now, we always just put a small drop of hot glue (specifically allowed in the rules) on the connectors, holding them together. It is very easy to do and possibly even stronger/more stable than the zip tie. To take it off you just use a knife and it pops right off.

Dang it. Thanks for letting me know.

Well, I’ve seen you’ve changed your signature accordingly. :smiley: I just hope you’re not taking all the zip ties off.

If it works fine for you and you like it, keep the zip ties, I just prefer to use the hot glue. Also, if you have both ends zip tis solidly to a piece of metal, the glue is not really necessary.