Wireless A or N to avoid wifi interference

At worlds there was a big problem with wifi interference. On one of the fields We found a spot that if we went into it our robot lost signal. Will VEX be making a “A” or “N” (5.75Ghz) standard VEX Net Key to avoid signal interference? If not is it legal to use a third party key. If so what type of key would we need to buy? We do not want to use crystal remotes because of the limit on buttons.

One more thing, the corner that we would die in was towards the TV cameras. Maybe if they converted to 5.75Ghz, no one would not have a problem.

Competition legal questions will get binding answers only in the rules Q&A.

I predict official response would be “only VEX brand Vexnet keys are permissible”.
In part, to prevent competitive advantage.

You might have better luck posting to the “New Product Request” though.

K, I will thanks, I will.