wireless cameras..

i have in mind for a future design, a robot that utilezes a camera (like a webcam and such) to “see” its surroundings. sort of… i just think it would be fun to slap one on a bot and get a live feed to the comp, to see what things are like from the bots prespective, and thus reduce the need for some sensors (like the bump switch)…

has anyone heard of, or know where to get one of these, thats compatible with the Vex brain box…?

Personally I know that there are a ton of threads about wireless cameras. Just search it and then you questions willl be answered.

kewl… will do :smiley:

The Vexplorer comes with a wireless camera which sends an image back to a TV. It does not go directly to a computer, but you could buy an adapter for this purchase.


The Camera may be available as a stand-alone accessory in the future.

Speaking of stand-alone parts, I thought that you said that there were new parts coming out last week. Are they still coming out anytime soon?

They’ll be out, as soon as they’re ready. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, thanks for the update.

i like how the camera could be a stand-alone product in the future… the camera itself seems durable, and could take some punishment (i.e., a fall or a roll over), unlike some of the dime-sized spycams ive seen around on the net…

and from looking around the page some, it would be awesome if one could buy parts, like the grappling arm and such as a stand-alone product, to further increase the starter kits versatility without the hefty price tag.