Wireless connection

I have been able to successfully pair a joystick and cortex. When the program is downloaded to the cortex, the sensors are returning values. As soon as I unhook the usb in order to put the vexnet key in, the values stop changing and the sensors aren’t reading. Any help? I need to be able to get values from a sonar, but it only seems to work when the cortex is connected by USB.

Ya the data doesn’t live update on the computer without a connection. When you unplug the cable the computer us no longer connected. Just think how is the data getting to the computer.

You can use the other download cable to plug into joystick and use vexnet to receive data back without a wired connection to the cortex.

Ok, they don’t seem to be returning value with that cable connected either…could it be a communication port issue? Do I need to be manually changing something?

Download using that cable and the values should update. Don’t download using other cable and switch.

Ok, so here’s what I have going on.

  1. the cortex and joystick are paired
  2. the cortex is hooked up to the computer with the USB (in order to download the program)
  3. the joystick is hooked up to the computer with the USB serial cable, the joystick also has a vexnet key in it
  4. I download the program to cortex
  5. Take orange USB out of cortex and replace with a key (this is when values freeze)
  6. Press start on the joystick (6U button) - the program runs but no values
    *I am NOT pressing start on the computer

Don’t plug in the cortex to the computer. Make sure that joystick and cortex are connected by vexnet and then using the download cable plugged into the joystick download the program. The wireless downloading isn’t perfect every time so you may need to power cycle or unplug/replug to get it to download.

You have the wireless debugging cable that plugs into the top of the joystick, right?

Try this:

  1. With Vexnet keys inserted, turn on the Cortex and joystick. Wait for the lights on both to turn green/yellow (battery warnings) before proceeding.
  2. Now that the Cortex and joystick are synced, plug the wireless debugging cable into the joystick.
  3. Compile and download the code to the Cortex.
  4. When the debugger menu (the one that says Start/Stop and a few other things on it) appears, make sure it says Stop (debugger is running), then run your program.

Thank you both SO much!! I have figured it out and it is working!! Thanks!

@ashleygregory which part solved the issue? The Vexnet key firmware, or order of turning things on and off, or something else?