Wireless issue with Clawbot

Brand new to VEX and really a rookie to robotics in general.
I am having trouble getting the wireless VEXnet to pair up between the Cortex and the Joystick. I followed the directions in building the Clawbot and was able to sync up the cortex and the joystick by using the USB and I thought by unplugging the USB and putting in the whit VEXnet 2.0 keys they would sync up using the connection established by the USB.

Am I missing a step? I updated the Firmware on the keys
When I put the keys in, the lights on the joystick are all out except the one above VEXnet which double blinks red. THe lights on the cortex are as follows Robot-slow green blink, VEXnet and Game: both rapid orange blinking.

Please help, I am feeling lost and very inexperienced now.
Thanks in advance.

Hello Sheapuck,

It looks like you did everything, except update the firmware on the Microcontroller & Joystick. Do you have programming software installed in your PC, such as easyC or ROBOTC?

Please confirm.


Thanks for your response.
I tried to update the firmware on the cortex and joystick but my computer would not recognize them when plugged in.

I do not have any programming software installed yet. Could that be my problem?


Its actually possible to upgrade the firmware on the Microcontroller/ Joystick, without the need of using programming software.

Can you please attach a screenshot of the utility you are using to upgrade the firmware? Once I have such screenshot I will be able to point you in the right direction.

PS- I suspect the issue is being caused by a missing driver in your PC.


I attached a JPEG of the utility (i think) when trying to update the cortex or joystick. The computer makes a noise that it recognizes when the USB is connected with the device but there is no change in this display whether the joystick, cortex, or nothing is plugged in. Last night I checked and updated the drivers on my laptop and that did not change. I have been doing it at home since it may be a bit of a procedure to get the firmware and install it at school.
I really appreciate the help.



Depending on your PC, please manually install the 32-bit or 64-bit driver found here. After such driver is in place, the VEXnet Upgrade Utility will be able to identify & download into the Microcontroller and Joystick.

Let me know your results.


:smiley: VOILA!
Thank you so much for all of your help. This had frustrated me the last few weeks and it is such a great feeling to get over that bump…ESPECIALLY ON FIRDAY!

Eli, you are the man! Thanks again!!!


Glad I was able to help :slight_smile: