Wireless Programming With Smart Radios?

So I have a pair of smart radios that I’m playing around with, and one of the features they mentioned was wireless programming, which I’m a major fan of for debugging purposes. I can’t seem to get a wraparound with it, and I can’t find any specific docs on setting things up to wirelessly program. Is that a feature currently available? If so, how do I do it?

Currently, it is only possible to program wirelessly from iPad AFAIK. Desktop PCs (Windows), even when compatible with BT4.0/BTLE/Bluetooth Smart, don’t support the “peripherial” role needed to talk to the brain (which always assumes the central role).
I, personally, have a working solution (an external device, USB plug acting as a wireless bridge) allowing wireless programming from RobotC on a Windows laptop, but that is more proof-of-concept and needs a RobotC build with slightly extended timeouts to work reliably. Work in progress, but programming and debugging is possible.

Yeah I just went through on my iPad, and only found the Virtual Worlds app, and nothing on the wireless aspect. I’ll probably work on my own solution for making a wireless programming solution.

We’re currently beta testing a Robot Mesh Connect app for the iPad to allow programming and debugging with our Blockly/Python software. For access to the beta, please contact support@robotmesh.com for more details. Thanks.