Wireless Raspi Displays not working - TM

Pulling out the equipment after taking the year off… I have downloaded the latest version of TM, downloaded the latest for Raspi display… I try to connect tot the pi using the IP address http://xxx.xxx.x.xx/wifi and it connects and goes directly to /division1/teams instead of the wifi config page as explained in the WIFI support document. does anyone know how to get into the wireless setting so I can enter the correct credentials

You are likely typing in the IP address of the TM server, not the Raspberry Pi. The TM server is the only place that teams list is hosted.


I was able to connect to the PI using a different machine on the tournament network other than the one that was running the TM server… I typed the exact same IP address on the 2nd machine and it went directly to the wifi settings and not /division1/teams… something conflicts when trying to run the wifi config from the same machine running the TM server.


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