Wireless uploading to V5 brain

Does anyone know when the wireless uploading will be released? Has ?it already released, if yes then how do i do that using pros and i am coding in c?


Wireless upload is not supported yet, hopefully in the next 4-6 weeks.

Is wireless update possible now?

It’s still not possible, however, we have implemented it in vexos, but we have to get details on how to use it out to our partner development teams. I would estimate we are looking at mid to late January for PROS and RobotMesh to finish implementation and testing.

We’re in mid-February now, and wireless upload still doesn’t seem to be possible. Can we get a new ETA on this feature?

I can’t speak for the other vendors, but we’re working on it :wink:

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Oh hey! I actually just recently installed pros, and ported my existing VEX C++ project over to it. I was wondering, how exactly do I go about uploading this to my VEX Brain over USB? There doesn’t seem to be any documentation on it on the wiki.

Do I need to wait for the CLI to be finished? There’s no information on this page.

The CLI works fine, use prosv5 make to compile and prosv5 upload to upload to the Brain. For a clean build use prosv5 make clean all prosv5 make clean, then prosv5 make all. Additionally there are buttons present in the PROS Editor to make and upload if you are using that

EDIT: To upload to a specific Brain slot, use prosv5 upload --slot 2 (obviously replace 2 with the slot you wanna use)

For a clean build, please run prosv5 make clean followed by prosv5 make all. Do not run prosv5 make clean all because it is not equivalent to running the clean and all targets separately.