Wires Coming Loose

Hi, we noticed our wires keep coming apart. We were wondering if our wires will still work property if we locktite the pins?

@Danny_Lee not even sure if that is competition legal. I would recommend you use the wire retention clips VEX sells which I will link here. If you can’t get those than I have used small zip ties in the past.

Loctite is definitely not recommended for this application. I would recommend taping the wire connections together, legal per <R7> G.

Let’s think about glueing of conductors - essentially, that is what this adhesive does. My first question would be - is the substance conductive? what kind of resistance am I adding to the circuit? Then my second question, how will I undo it?

Actually, I would never get to that point, because I would have teams use mechanical means of fastening the two wires. Wire clips, zipties, or VEX clips.

I see a lot of good suggestions depending on what the actual problem is. But I’m not sure about the specifics of the OP; from some problems I’ve seen that it could refer to, some of these suggestions might make little sense. I’ve seen a number of wires where a pin itself slides around in its housing while the wires’ insulation sits in place. If that is the case, we’re not talking about glue between conductors, not talking about something we’ll want to undo, not talking about something easily solved by holding the housing or the insulation in place. But even if this is the problem, I don’t think locktite inside the pins’ housing would be legal. I’m not sure there is any legal solution to it other than replacing the wire. But maybe there is.

If the pins are slipping, you can look to see if the tab is still present that is supposed to lock it in place in the housing. If it is not, then you can crimp on new pins to the existing wiring. On 393 motors you may trim down the wire as short as you need - no need to get wire the be the original length, but you can not make them longer by adding more wiring by soldering or other means of lengthening the cable without connectors. This was covered in Q&As this season.

As for pins that do not make contact with any of the conductor with its mate, then you could slightly bend the pin so it ends up pushing somewhere along the way in the mate. But given how fragile the pins are, it might break.

OP did not specify what connectors are at issue.