hey, I have a vex v5 and i want to know is there wireless wires so the motor does not always have to be close to the brain for it to work?

You have posted a V5 question in the IQ thread, however the answer is the same for both V5 and IQ: no, the brain must be connected to the motors with vex cables.


There are various sizes of v5 smart cables so try different sizes that you have.


Vex also sells the connectors, tools, and wires (in meters) themselves if you want to make custom wires.

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there are pre made wires(of different lengths), or there are the ones that you make and can buy them with the link that @Team_55550W shared


My recommendation is that if you are making your own cables you MUST test them. There are threads about how to do this and the parts you should get. DO NOT USE CUSTOM MADE CABLES WITHOUT TESTING THEM FIRST!!! You will blow up motors and / or ports on your brain