WiscoBots VEX U Post Worlds Reveal

Team WiscoBots is proud to present its 2022 VEX U Post Worlds Reveal.

Team WiscoBots competed in the Technology division at VEX U Worlds in Dallas, Texas earlier in May. They went 9-1 in qualification matches and ranked 2nd in the division. They went on to go undefeated (7-0) in elimination matches to win the 2022 VEX U World Championship.

Robot Specs
Drive: 8 Motor, 600 RPM Drive
Lift: 4 Motor Chain Bar, 200 RPM
Ring Mechanism: 1 Motor, 200 RPM
Claws: Pneumatics
Both 15 inch and 24 inch robots are identical

Overall Season Record: 23-3

We would like to thank everyone that made Tipping Point a season to remember. Good luck to all the teams next year in Spin Up!

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Song: Right Now - Confetti


Definitely should have noticed that the bots were identical, I wonder if anybody else missed it


Half the designing, double the fun


It was all the scrim.

But for real though, Iā€™m super hyped for wisco, you guys really got VEXU figured out.


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