Wisconsin robotics teams

Hey, I’m moving to Wisconsin this summer and I was wondering if you could give me any information on any robotics teams in the Waupaca area? Middle and high school teams are appreciated, VEX only. Thanks. If you have any information, please contact me at "queenofgearz@gmail.com" or comment on this thread.

Waupaca had no registered teams this year, but there are a lot of teams and tournaments about 35-40 minutes away in Neenah and Appleton. If you ever need any help talk to the 1200 teams at the tournaments. The top teams in the state in high school are 536s, 1200s,2527, 3233, 4848s. The top teams in middle school are 2177s and 2626s.

2626 is in Appleton and I believe is the closest middle school team to Waupaca. 1200 may be the closest high school team because it is straight down the highway from you.

ps. You may need to start a team in Waupaca, but the principal at Waupaca has a son on the 1200b team so he may be willing to start a team there.

I would definitely go look up the 1200 teams! We would be happy to help you guys out in any way possible.