Wonderful Robot

This robot has only been on youtube for one day, and it is brilliant. It combines the capabilities of quickly picking up stacks, descoring, and indexing single tubes, although it cannot hang (in the video). The robot appears at the one minute mark. The link is below:


The video does not focus on this robot, but it is HD. I would love to know more about this robot. If anyone was at this competition, please let me know some specs of the robot. The team is the WAFFLES, 2809.

Other videos including them are this and this

I think the design is interesting, but it looked like it had its share of problems, in particular with unload speed and the tendency for tubes to “tip” in the mechanism. Interesting but not yet game changing… for now.

We almost picked them as an alliance partner in that tournament. They were ranked highest in our pick list (scoring 45 total rings in 6 qualifying rounds at the tournament according to our scouts). However, they had RobotC/VEXNet disconnect issues. If they sort those problems out, they would be a really good contender.

I loved this team. I hope they can make a few minor adjustments and sort out their VEXNet issues.

These guys were a case-study on the importance of scouting…

A brilliant example to my students as a great team that don’t get picked for the eliminations.

The W.A.F.F.L.E.S. had one of my favourite robots at the Toronto VEX Robotics Championship. A clever, high scoring and well designed machine. The judges were talking about this robot all day long. They were the 6th over all pick in the alliance selection, which was definitely too low based on their pure scoring abilities. I’m expecting big things from them next week at the Southern Ontario Championship.

Watched the other two videos and my opinion changed. Looks like most problems were glitches and other execution things they should be able to improve on.

If indexing proves to be important 2809 will be way ahead of the game…