How many people live around PA cause i always wonder if im the only vex owner in the area practically?

If you’re looking for other members from Pennsylvania, go to Member List page, click Search, and then Advanced Search. You can then search the forums for everyone who listed “PA”, “Penn”, “Pennsylvania”, etc. as their location. Here’s the link to that page:


There are plenty of Vex owners in PA as many PA teams attended the PA FVC Tournament that took place in Weatherly, PA.

yay for NJ! i’ve lived in new jersey my entire life so far.

i lived in pa my entire life
is it awesome to live NJ ur entire life

i dont really know how it would be like to live anywhere else. i mean, i have been on vacation in other states:)

you know how you think its better at cousins houses than yours better after a while of goin over you get sick of it
does it work the same way as vacations because you might have to pay taxes for the cost of pumping sand from the ocean floor for some “dumb” tourists

i’m from southern california, OC.

haha there are NO robot competitions here. yeah it sucks

I live in Phoenix, AZ, and there aren’t any here either :frowning:

…I think.