wondering about linear slides

the 12 inch linear slides are available on their own and i was wondering if we could get the 17.5 inch linear slides on thier own

I would definitely appreciate this. I feel there are way more applications for the 17.5 than the 12, personally, so I think these should be offered seperately as well.


i feel as though the 17 inch ones are not strong

Interesting, the core of our bot is 6 sets of 17 inch slides, and we’ve had no problems. Maybe your lift is too heavy?

Are they leaning inward? It could be a build problem?

If you are using the popular elevator lift style, you could slightly drill out the hole that the stationary part is connected to, loosen up the screws, and then lean it back and tighten the screws back up.

True. Our slides took a lot of “adjusting” to get positioned right. It takes some time.