Wondering about something

in tipping point, is it against the rules to tip over a mobile goal if its balanced on the opponents team balancing thing

Depends on a few things. It is illegal to descore rings that are on the opponent’s Alliance Goals, and it’s illegal to interfere with the opponent’s platform in the last 30 seconds of the match. So, as long as you aren’t descoring rings on their alliance goals, it’s not in the last 30 seconds, and you aren’t pushing a goal against the platform (which can count as interference if it doesn’t get removed), it should be legal.


nice thx, i checked the game manual and couldn’t find anything

I dont really see the point of this though. It would still count for the opponents?(unless I’m wrong about this and the goals have to be standing)

I’m assuming they’re talking about tipping the goals off of the platform, although I suppose laying the tall goal on its side on the platform could make it harder to fit more goals and robots. The orientation of the goals doesn’t effect them being scored on platform.


yeah it would be to block the goal. so we would have a easier chance to getting the other goals