Wondering if it is possible!!!!!!!!!

i have seen pneumatics used for different purposes, but i have never seen a robot use pneumatics for a lift. Is it possible? what type of lift(vertical, chain, 4 bar, 6 bar? is it practical? how long do you think it takes to build? And does anyone have an ideo on how to do it? :eek:

Its possible with all of what you listed, you simply have to design your systems correctly. Keep in mind your travel will be limited, and also your (most likely) not going to have variable positions. Its possible but thats another discussion entirely.

In fact the Hand Of God at one point had an entire Pneumatic stage to it. That would be able to adjust to 4 positions depending on where the arm needed to be to get length or height. However we ditched this design due to the sheer complexity of the arm. It was also to wide for our tastes.

But how we accomplished the 4 different positions was mounting two pistons to a piece of metal that controlled the primary angle of the arm. That was then attached to two more pistons that traveled parallel to the ground this would change the angle of the first pistons I mentioned thus changing the position of the arm. It was very versatile just simply, not very practical for our robot. (not saying that its impractical for your use) We experimented with pneumatics a lot this year and came up with lots of systems from transmissions, brakes, engines, pumps, turntables. Lots of things. However a lot of these things didn’t get very far off the ground.

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Thank you very much!!!
this helps a lot
i was doing some research and i found out that a team in california made a pneumatic lift…does anyone know their team # so that i can ask some questions?
do they look at these forums? and if you(the team with the pneumatic lift) do look at this forum can you post pics and/or describe to the STEM/VEX community how you did it and what type of lift it was(6 bare,4 bar, chain, vertical)?:):rolleyes::confused::wink:
Do you find the lift effective?

Team 599D had a pneumatic lift at the Golden State tournament in Califronia.
They could raise they’re arm to all goal heights.
It was really fast.

Pneumatics would also be practical on a well-made, low-friction scissor lift (like the hydraulics they use on real scissor lifts). It would probably be a lot faster than the standard motor-and-gear system that we use for our scissor lift.

i made a pneumatic 4 bar a few months back and found that as nice as it is it is a pain to deal with all the force that you need to life an intake and pieces on the way down. i tried counteracting this with elastic and a different pneumatic fittings, but by the time the arm is under control (needs to be height regulated probably) and usable it is much easier to use motors. this is possible but it will take a considerable amount of time to finetune. good luck making one!!!

Here is a video of team 599D’s robot. Their arm uses 2 double acting pneumatic pistons on each side of the arm. They also have 6 air tanks.

Just saying you could put a threaded beam linking the two pistons
the lift could go even 6 inches instead of 3
The more pistons and threaded beams the higher it goes

we actually used 3 pistons on each side the extra piston used to aid in lifting the weight of the game pieces:) oh and the threaded beams wouldnt work because that would make the robot a smidge taller and we dont have any space to spare.
Oh and its a 6-bar

I only got a quick glance at your guys’ robot and I only saw 2 pistons. Do you think you guys could post any pictures of your arm? I have never seen anything like it and I’m sure a lot of people on the forums would love to see your bot’s arm.

Wow, that is seriously awesome. Where are all of the motors being used? 8 motor drive? The robot would also be so heavy because of all the reservoirs, it would be a beast at blocking. The one thing I have to say is that the pneumatic lift doesn’t look very controllable, it sort of bounces around a lot. Additionally, any actions that require fine control of the lift such as disentangling from the field/other robots would be very difficult if the only possible heights were the heights of the goals. I just don’t think the extra drive power is worth it, but it is a really cool idea/design .

I saw 1 team use pneumatics for a lift in Clean sweep, but never seen it since. This is because pneumatics are either fired or not, so you can’t really build a lift that has more than 2 different heights. In Clean Sweep, the only height was the height of the wall, so it worked in that situation.

I have a new favorite VEX arm.

Same Here!

Can you imagine programming that robot?

The first time we heard about this robot, through one of our scouts at the tournament, we were like WTF?! no way! and then we thought that our scouts were pulling our leg until we actually saw the robot.

With some practice driving and a good programmer that robot could destroy.

There will be a full reveal on our robot. in less than a week

Guys… They did win the programming skills challenge with a score of 35…

The ROBOT is not that heavy due to the fact that it is made from all aluminum, also the lift is controllable due to the flow control on the pistons and getting tangled up isnt really a problem. the 8 motor drive is worth it because it allows us to be geared for speed but have enough torque to push smaller bots and not be pushed ourselves

yup we did…1st in the world due to our amazing programmers.
we also are 8th in the world for robot skills

that was a great tournament my team competed but we kinda got recked
you would be suprised how smooth it was i didnt even notice tell i got home and saw this video online most people just assume its a regular six bar

this is the person who remembered me from the forum right

The robot currently has an 8 motor drive geared 2:1. the robot is actually pretty slow right now due to the 6 tanks on the robot. However, we have a way to limit the number of tanks to 3, allowing us to have a faster acceleration. The lift does have some jerking movements but is pretty negligible. Also disentangling would not be a problem, because the pneumatic lift seems to have more power than a standard 2motor lift.

Haha! Thanks. The lift actually took us 2 competitions to perfect. Alot of tension from rubberbands.