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Hello every body. I’m brand new to VEX. Our school asked me to teach a STEM class and I decided to use the V5 bundle. Is going well but I am at the point where I need to order more parts. My school started me with the super bundle (lucky me). Just wanted to try and include different builds and for my students to have different options. Could someone give me advice and what I should order. Thanks.

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If you can afford it, aluminum is better than steel. Get a lot of c-channels of all types, spacers, shafts, screws, nuts, and other things like that


Thank you. At the moment, this class has created a lot of buzz. Now a lot of students are wanting to take the class. So they are asking me to put an order together. I want to get as much as they would let me. I will definitely put that on my list. thank you.

It might be good to get an initial budget to know how much u can spend, then start trying to buy metal and parts based on demand

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If you need to add additional robots to your program, I would recommend going with one of the V5 kits. Below is an analysis I did of the V5 kit bundles. There is a spreadsheet with all the part and pricing information available in the VEX World Coaches Association on Facebook, which I recommend you join.

Here is my analysis (from the standpoint of a mentor/purchaser for an established program with 80 students).

• There are no pretty much no “useless parts” (like the clawbot claw or bearing rivets) in any of the kits, unless you hate the V5 claw
• The classroom kits have steel structure, the competition kits have aluminum structure
• If you want the new V5 claw, you can’t get the competition super kit (the other 3 have the V5 claw)
• The V5 system bundle doesn’t have much discount, so don’t feel bad about buying V5 stuff a-la-carte. The kits provide nice discounts on the extra parts they contain.
• The “starter” kits are very similar, the main difference being your choice of steel or aluminum. Both can build a 5V clawbot trainer, neither has a vision sensor.
• The classroom super kit has a bigger variety of parts, including specialty add-ons like mecanum wheels, advanced gears, advanced motion, and a couple legacy sensors. Structure parts are steel.
• The value of the steel structure components in the classroom super kit is $117, so if you only want aluminum, you’ll still save 21% after throwing away the steel, so it might be worth a second look for competition.
• The competition super kit is more of an “add-on” kit with aluminum components. You can’t build the V5 clawbot trainer with it.
• The new U-channel, 7/8" spacers, and claw are only in the kits (remember you can buy professionally cut 1x1 aluminum angle from www.robosource.net )
• For better prices on hardware and standoffs, look to www.robosource.net or www.mcmaster.com

For VEX Team 3547:Virus, when I need to add an additional V5 kit, I use the following rationale:

  1. Do I need another “trainer” dedicated to VRC summer camp or new-student training? Then Classroom Starter Kit (this kit does not get used in competition, only for training).
  2. Do I have a team wanting to use the new V5 claw and I don’t have one in stock, or is the team so new that they need to start with the absolute basics? Then Competition Starter Kit.
  3. Do I just need a V5 and a bunch more parts? Then Competition Super Kit.

I don’t buy a complete V5 without getting one of the kits to go around it. I will buy controller or batteries separate (each team gets 2 of each).


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