As we get closer to the Championships the message traffic will increase. Can you please be more descriptive than a single word in your title? Postings with Help!, Hotel, Battery, bolt??, etc are not helpful describing what they are about. And it makes them hard to sort and search through in six months when people try to find a past thread that may be of some help.

This forum isn’t like a IM or a Twitter where you are limited to 140 characters. You can write full sentences and use capitalization and punctuation, even in the titles!

So recent past titles could have been:
What teams are staying a the Hyatt
Extending the charging life of the battery
Science Olympics - Robot design ideas needed
Team 1234 at the Hilton, meet for robot breakfast?[/INDENT]
Please use descriptive text in the subject, not just one word.
(a much better subject for this message I wrote) [/INDENT]


agreed, does not HAVE to be full sentences but better than whats been going on.

I too agree with this… though I would probably end up reading the initial post either way

What about the title for this thread. I thought this was going to be a discusions of words…:wink:

Ya maybe your right (sorry about the stuff i made ^_^)… I guess that maybe people would have some trouble now that everyone wants to know EVERYTHING before the competition…