Words of Encouragement

I need some words of encouragement and advice. Here is the problem:

Competition in 6 days
Stayed up until 3 am last night building robot
Robot doesn’t work in the slightest
*drive and mogo intake work
If we don’t qualify to state in this competition, our season is over

That right there sounds like the answer. Go for skills. That qualifies at most events, and if the award doesn’t, the score might get you into any extra spots at states. At least that’s how it works in NH.

Alright man, you’ve got this. Just think about it. My robot had a broken mogo intake and awful scissor lift. I stayed up a couple nights in a row, and now it works perfectly. Whatever happens, you’re gonna do great. Also, all you need is half a mogo intake to qualify for state. If you get a reasonable score in skills, you can get in for sure.

If the drive and mogo intake work, you have great chances. Try to get them working consistently. If you can’t get the lift done in time, I would recommend removing it from the robot for the competition, and if you have time, make a simple chainbar that can stack a couple cones on each mogo.

Also, your not the only one who only finished their robot right before competition. We were only able to drive a week before competition, some of the drive team members didn’t even know what In The Zone was.

The main thing is, get your robot to work consistently. Many teams at qualifying tournaments have great robots that break down every match, and a robot like that could easily be beaten by a robot that can consistently score all 4 mogos.

(also go for skills like mentioned in previous posts)


@20rzaugg like everyone else said, skills! Make it consistent at scoring mogos, and if you need to, take everything off except the drive and mogo lift. Spend your time on a good programming skills run and practicing driving, NOT trying to make a complicated DR4B with chain bar. From experience, I can tell you that you CAN get a DR4B and chain bar or 4 bar done in a week, however it will NOT be super good unless you are pretty experienced. Skills is the way to go, just stick some encoders on your drive, and a pot on your mogo lift and start programming and practicing driving. Ignore the lift, maybe if you have time do a simple lift that can score some but don’t focus on it. No matter how bad you do in the normal competition, all you need is a good skills score to get to state. And the good news is, you can work on skills (usually) all day at the competition! It’s not like you have only one chance. So just spend all your time between matches doing skills runs to get your best possible run, and I think you will qualify for state.

Wow!?! Doom and gloom much? Let’s do some simple math: There are 28 spots in the state tournament. Only 8 teams have qualified. That leaves 20 teams left to qualify. Now, you can assume that some of those of teams are going to qualify again (cough, 2131, cough). So, you KNOW that spots are going to be filled off of skills. Your current skill score is 60. That places you at 7th currently to be invited off of skills. So, I don’t think you have ANYTHING to be worried about. Of course, you will definitely want to raise that score, but don’t doom and gloom.

Add some motors to your drive, make your mogo lift good, and practice playing defense. That would be your best bet. If you DO have time, try to get an ALBA chain bar going. Those can be done by 2 people in a day, and be refined in another.

If u need motivation Check out this video https://youtu.be/jwIB7G7d2rA

Why have I never seen this video? Sweet stuff.

But have you seen the “Pain and Victory?”

Almost made me cry…

post it

i think he means this one

If this video doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will

We just had a competition and the robot that got first seed for the tournament and had highest in skills only lifted mobile goals. I don’t know how far they made it in the tournament. POINT: If you have a good drivebase/MOGO lifter you should be fine.